Academic Excellence; The Secrets

To achieve academic excellence some things has to be done or develop by a student who want to attain a high level of academic excellence.
>> GOAL; a goal is anything a person want to achieve at a specific time or period. A goal must be specific and attainable i.e reasonable. A student without a goal is like a pilot without a compass. And this lead us to
>> DESIRE; In order to attain a high level of academic excellence, there must be a driving force that will propel you to work towards the set goal.
You cannot desire to achieve academic excellence when you spend most of your time on irrelevant issues on social network e.g 2go,facebook,twitter,etc,playing games, sport or other extracurricular activities.
Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other – Abraham lincoln
remember the secret of success is consistency of purpose.
>>HARDWORK; Many student are struggling but they think they are working hard. The different between hardwork and struggling is; hardwork is loving what you are doing even when the condition is unfavourable to produce desire result while struggling is doing something and do not have result to show for it but doing it for the sake of survival.
hardwork means diligence,productiveness,conscientiousness or industriousness.
As a student know that nothing comes easy but it can be easy only if you do the right thing which is working hard at your highest level and potentially leaving nothing untouched with the knowledge that nothing is irrelevant. Determination and commitment are the key to hardwork and your level of resistivity i.e ability to resist external force that want to diverge your focus.
>>CONCENTRATION; According to william mattew concentration is to bend all your energy to one point and to go directly to that point, looking neither right nor left. You need to apply this especially when you are studying. Avoid distractions while studying
MAKE SACRIFICE AND GO EXTRA MILE; The different between success and failure is result. To attain a greater level of academic excellence, you must learn to do things a little bit better than any other person in your dept/faculty. this may be achieve by spending extra time than others. Make more researches, ask more question and be more analytical than other.
>>HUMILITY; When you are humble at times, many may consider you a fool. But be discipline and tactful, learn among more brilliant student, talk less, and listen more. Take note; don’t look for your lecturers fault by doing that you will gain nothing from the lecturer.
TAKE SIMPLE STEPS: small steps may prove significant at the end of the tunnel. start now by taking a book and a pen to jot down the above point and try to implement it.
In conclusion, believe in your self, goal, and stay positive and believe in GOD.
Continuous effort is the key to unlocking your potential -Black Elk. dont give up on your goals they are achievable.
keep this in mind throughout your life that ‘there are no limits to growth because there are no limit to human intelligence, imagination and wonder’- Ronald Reagan i.e if you can imagine it then you can do it. S h a l o m !

I am Oladokun Joseph (Godskid). A student The Federal University of Technology,Akure.
Follow me on twitter @Godskid_CFC and facebook


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